Recognizing the importance of black metal.
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Time to remember some classic black metal releases.
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Let’s celebrate the label of Darkthrone and Autopsy!
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Darkthrone began life in the late 80s, experimenting with thrash, death and doom metal before eventually delving into the black metal genre and becoming synonymous with the style as one of the most highly regarded acts. Goatlord was the title of what was to originally be Darkthrone’s second album. The style followed very much in […] …Continue Reading

Darkthrone originally recorded their would-be second album Goatlord between Soulside Journey and A Blaze In The Northern Sky. The album was more death metal than black metal, and was ultimately shelved as Darkthrone continued to focus on their progression into black metal. Goatlord eventually received vocals in 1994 and was released in 1996. Darkthrone has […] …Continue Reading