Alice in Chains' “Man in the Box” is one of the greatest metal hits ever. The single was originally released on Alice in Chains Facelift (1990). Facelift was Alice in Chains debut studio album and also remains one of the greatest in metal history. Ozzy Osbourne has stated that Facelift is one of his favorite albums of all time. Each track […]
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Back in February, horror punk legend and goth metal overlord Glenn Danzig dropped the first trailer for his second feature-length film, Death Rider In The House of Vampires. The movie looks absolutely ridiculous — and given […]
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Stereotypically, dancing and metal do not go well together. When one pictures a young metalhead, they’re often standing at the edge of the dance floor wondering if the DJ is going to honor their request […]
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What I love about the internet is that it allows people to sit there (likely stoned) and think up a silly idea, execute the idea and then share it for others to enjoy. I assume that's how Limp Mizfit came to be. While not much is known about the creator, what I do know is […]
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Glenn Danzig is promoting his next cinematic masterpiece, Death Rider in the House of Vampires, scheduled to come out later this year and he offered quite a few incredible soundbites in a new interview with Rolling Stone. For example, Danzig, being a film auteur, is none too pleased that most movie theaters are still closed. […]
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