Australian theatrical glam rockers CROSSON have shown their tongue- in cheek side with the release of their new video and single Stop Pretending That You Love Me. With its ‘catchy as chlamydia’ chorus, this song will be stuck in your head for days. Directed by Lord Tim (Lord), the video stars the beautiful Namibian-born Australian […] …Continue Reading

Australian glam metal doesn’t come bigger or better than Sydney outfit Crosson. By incorporating a more theatrical element to their performances, Crosson have managed to make their live show, and therefore their reputation, more than just a piece of music. They have created a visual display to accompany the music, in the process opening a […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #87 HERE If you needed any proof that Aussie metal was alive and thriving just have a crack at the number of bands putting their names forward and demanding to be interviewed this week. Newcomers Sohnelm made the cover this week, partly on the back of our resident reviewer Jimmy […] …Continue Reading

Aussie Theatrical Glam Rockers, CROSSON, have released their second video / single Fallen From Grace’ from their upcoming album Ready, Aim… Rock !! With Fallen From Grace,  CROSSON deliver a slower, catchy,  uplifting rock anthem with a powerful ear-piercing guitar riff and big sing-along harmonies. The song was mixed by Duane Baron ( Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper) and […] …Continue Reading

Aussie Theatrical Glam Rock Warriors stand UNITED.  A new uplifting glam rock anthem from the ‘Land Down Under’ can only mean one thing, Australian Theatrical Glam Rock Warriors,  CROSSON are back!!!  Crashing down from the stratosphere, CROSSON deliver the first video UNITED from their upcoming new album READY, AIM … ROCK!!.  Mixed by legendary U.S […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #83 HERE Metal is alive and well Down Under, just check out the quality of releases and bands in this issue alone! Deathgrind act Remains have just released their debut album, Grind Til Death, and it’s a banger! So good, in fact, we decided to put their mugs on the […] …Continue Reading

Since showcasing their glam rock infused talents to the nation with the 2016 release of Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease, Sydney rock outfit Crosson have quickly established themselves as true entertainers of the Australian music scene.
With a theatrical look and even more theatrical live show, Crosson are one of those bands that has to be captured live to get the full, immersive experience.
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HEAVY are proud to have Sydney rockers Crosson grace this week’s cover, with frontman Jason Crosson joining us to chat about their new live album/Blue Ray Live At The Orpheum that is out now!
We also chat with A Somerset Parade about their latest single Alpha plus The Mercy Kills stop in to talk about thier upcoming show as part of the Moondoll Festival in Brisbane.
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Since they exploded onto the melodic rock scene with their 2016 release Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease, followed by 2018’s Invincible and 2020’s Rock N Roll Love Affair, Aussie theatrical glam rockers Crosson have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with delivering their hard-driving, catchy, uplifting, stadium rock anthems.
Crosson’s engineering team of rock royalty consisting of Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne) and Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Cher) have not only given the band credibility but have added a unique sonic boom to their 80’s influenced sound.
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This week’s Aussie Digimag is proudly brought to you by Brisbane Body Art as thank you for my new artwork which I shall include below…
We feature New Zealand rock outfit Electric Universe on the cover, talking about their latest single “Sometimes” as well as their upcoming album Timeless.
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