The denial of previously-approved permits comes in the wake of a show at Tompkins Square Park that reportedly drew 2,000-3,000 people and followed no COVID-19 safety protocols.
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“This was a pushback against government over stepping their reach, telling people they cant gather in public, or a church, mosque, temple etc, while they did whatever they wanted.”
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Welcome to Health Awaits, a new Decibel column devoted to fitness. For this first installment, we speak with Harley Flanagan of hardcore punk pioneers Cro-Mags.
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Thirty years after summoning modern hardcore into existence with the Cro-Mags’ debut, Parris Mayhew is back with some new face-blasting alchemy.
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Last year Cro-Mags released their first album in twenty years with the critically-acclaimed In The Beginning and closed this period of international turmoil and disease with the 6-song EP, 2020, available worldwide digitally.
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Cro-Mags fans thought they spotted a gaffe in the movie… until the band’s frontman set them straight.
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