After a number of teaser, cameo style performances on stage with his Father, Griffin Taylor is finally ready to step into music in his own right with the debut single from his band Vended out now. Proving the apple hasn’t fallen far from the proverbial tree, Taylor junior attacks Asylum with a familiar intensity that […] …Continue Reading

Yesterday, video circulated online of rapper-turned-actor-turned-pop-punk-singer Machine Gun Kelly dissing Slipknot onstage at Riot Fest (or trying to), seemingly in response to a slight from Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. Kelly took a moment onstage to […]
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You walk away from the internet for a few hours, and the hottest (nee silliest) drama of the week just gets even more scorching hot. Machine Gun Kelly talked shit about Slipknot on stage at Riot Fest yesterday, at the same time the band was playing a different stage. It has now escalated into a war […]
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Hot new feud alert: Rapper-turned-pop-star-turned-Megan-Fox-shoulder-dressing Machine Gun Kelly had to get something off his chest at the final night of Riot Fest in Chicago last night. Kelly was closing out one stage, while on another stage, Slipknot was also closing out the event. I guess playing at the same time as the masked rockers didn't […]
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Also features Metallica, Slipknot, Megadeth, and more.
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