Aptly titled III, the third studio album by Swiss-based hard rock quintet CORELEONI, featuring band founder and guitarist Leo Leoni (GOTTHARD), Eugent Bushpepa (vocals), Jgor Gianola (guitars), Mila Merker (bass) and Alex Motta (drums), has finally seen the light of day today via Atomic Fire Records. To showcase the record’s high quality, the band have simultaneously revealed a brand-new music video for the track Like It Or Not, which was created […] …Continue Reading

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In four short weeks, Swiss-based rock quintet CORELEONI will release their new album III on May 13, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records. Following the introduction of new Albanian lead singer Eugent Bushpepa with two stomping tracks – Let Life Begin Tonight and Purple Dynamite – it’s time for the band to represent their slightly mellower side in the form of third single Sometimes. Shot and edited by Maurizio Del […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #194 HERE Music has always been known as the great healer, and the world is at a stage presently where we need music more than ever. If it’s not COVID it’s floods, or war, or petrol hikes… you name it, we have been through it in the last 2 years, and we […] …Continue Reading

Classic hard rockers CORELEONI will release their new album entitled IIIon May 13, 2022via Atomic Fire Records. The group reveals their new, second single Purple Dynamite along with a new video with a stunning performance, and also kick-off the album pre-order for III. Founding member/guitarist Leo Leoni adds: “Mila Merker brought the bass lick to the song. We were jamming and suddenly he came up with […] …Continue Reading

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