When it comes to soundtracks, Marvel’s number one property is definitely Guardians of the Galaxy. The film series about a gang of interstellar misfits committing alternating acts of crime and heroism brings some big ’70s rock […]
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When Marvel’s Thor came out in 2011, every metalhead on earth thought the same thing: where the hell is the Viking metal? Kenneth Brannagh’s shiny, upbeat take on Marvel’s god of thunder felt entirely devoid of […]
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Among the pantheon of comic book characters, few have resonated with metalheads quite like Venom, the Spider-Man antagonist comprised of disgraced journalist Eddie Brock and his plasmatic alien symbiote. Not only is Venom a slavering […]
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In the ‘90s, heavy music and comics were both fighting hard to prove their legitimacy. The former was trying to shed the sparkly cheese and/or softcore satanism of the ‘80s, and embrace either tough-guy realism […]
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Since his time as the frontman of black metal progenitors Mercyful Fate, singer King Diamond has been a master storyteller. While so many other bands sing about being pissed off or a drawing of the […]
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Over the past couple of decades, Count Dracula has lost some of his power. Between 300 rip-off with the PG-13 rating and the animated kids’ movies starring Adam Sandler, the lord of all vampires has […]
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Black metal bloodsuckers Cradle of Filth are definitely taking their merch game in interesting new directions. Last year, the band announced a line of signature teas for fans to gently sip on the graves of […]
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While many of the metal bands of the ’80s were writing songs about Satan and warfare, Anthrax were always content to pen tracks about horror stories and comic books. Now, the patron saints of thrash-metal […]
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Beef Bros is an upcoming 32-page comic by former Marvel editor Aubrey Sitterson and artist Tyrell Cannon. According to Sitterson, the Beef Bros are “happy-go-lucky bodybuilding himbos who stand up for their community”. A Kickstarter for the comic has already raised over $27,000 dollars. Sitterson says he is “blown away”Continue Reading