Back in March, Taiwan carried out their massive Megaport Festival featuring more than 100 artists on 10 stages – headlined by the extreme symphonic metal band Chthonic – the first large-scale rock festival since the pandemic began. Chthonic recorded their performance for their upcoming live album, but the video is available today! “We are looking […]
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Taiwanese symphonic metallers Chthonic played Megaport Festival in front of twenty thousand people last month. Megaport, which had 90 000 attendees total, marks the return of major rock festivals after a year of no shows. Frontman Freddy Lim, who is also a Taiwanese legislator, spoke to Metal Injection about how Chthonic were able to pull […]
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Given his dual career paths, it’s safe to say Freddy Lim has experienced a unique cross-section of global culture. As the frontman of Taiwanese symphonic black metallers Chthonic, Freddy has played to screaming headbangers the […]
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Freddy Lim announced that Chthonic will not be touring while he is an elected official in Taiwan. "It seems not," said Lim when asked if there is a chance Chthonic will tour after the pandemic is over. "I can't really divide myself as metal singer and politician." Freddy was elected to Taiwan's legislature in 2015 […]
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It can be hard to believe Freddy Lim’s story. In 1995, the Taiwan-born musician started Chthonic, whose sweeping, hard-hitting symphonic black metal incorporated traditional Taiwanese folk music and instruments. The band slowly built a dedicated […]
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