Cannibal Corpse is a world-renowned band and you just never know where you end up, it could even be the Cher's house! Frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher revealed the pleasant encounter he had with the pop icon. Fisher met Cher through her son with Gregg Allman, Elijah, who performed in the nu-metal band Deadsy. Fisher recalled […]
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Before actor Tanner Buchanan was playing Johnny Lawrence’s son Robby Keene on Cobra Kai, he was playing in a progressive metal band called Acidosis. Buchanan told At Large that he’s a huge Gojira fan, and that the band used to cover quite a bit of Gojira. Advertisement. Scroll to continueContinue Reading

Folks, by now, we are assuming you’ve heard David Hasselhoff’s new metal song, “Through the Night?” The Hoff collaborated with two-man metal group Cuestack to release the standalone single and shock metalheads everywhere with his Howard Jones-esque vocal range. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. But how did the Hoff getContinue Reading