“To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is the debut EP by the Montreal-based crash metal act IRON ASPARAGUS, following the two singles “Mr. Molotov” and “Diamond in the Dirt”, released at the end of 2022 and both included in the EP. “To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is a short work with an incendiary and sarcastic […] …Continue Reading

After the release of their 2021 Album “I – IV”, ALONE returns with their specific brand of melodic, high-energy black metal with progressive sensibilities. “V (The Village)” sees the band blend energetic riffing with haunting melodies while managing to hit a melancholic nerve with listeners.  Fans of bands such as Bathory, Darkthrone, and Weakling will appreciate ALONE’s orthodox approach to black metal as the […] …Continue Reading

“Terran” is the debut album by Canadian metal artist MORGAN REID. Morgan is a guitarist, composer and producer known for his fierce technical shredding, slamming modern riffs and his expressive, melodic lead lines. That being said, “Terran” is much more than a simple combination of these elements. It is the summary of the diverse life experiences and interests that […] …Continue Reading