This week sees the concluding chapter in the four-part series My Band Years with Redcliffe bassist Squirty.
Developed as a celebration of his musical career to date as well as a study and example to aspiring musicians, the series is supplemented by an album featuring select songs from each of the four…Continue Reading

Plenty happening in the local music scene at the moment and this week sees interviews with five Australian bands who are gearing up for a massive 2021!
From Crisis To Collapse join us to talk about next weekends The Other Festival and what the band has been up…Continue Reading

Redcliffe bass player Ian “Squirty” Graham earlier this year launched the first video of a four-part series detailing his musical journey and focussing on four bands that have defined his life and career to date.
After reliving his time with Mr Steenki in Episode One and with local hard rock outfit Ceremony in Part…Continue Reading