One can question the existence of tribute bands on the musical landscape, but there is no denying the impact they have had on music in general over the last five years in particular. They provide an affordable option for fans to hear the music of their favourite bands – and often at places and venues […] …Continue Reading

The Heretic Order have recently released their latest album, Volume III, with a renewed vigor and intensity, ushering in a faster, heavier era of the band than ever before. Formed by Danny Felice from Breed 77 in 2014, Felice soon adopted the title Ragnar Dominus for the project, in the process going a long way […] …Continue Reading

Since playing their last gig at Breaking Bands Festival in Bromsgrove in 2015 – in a move which shocked their fans worldwide – Breed 77 have been but a whisper, despite persistent and hopeful rumblings that the band would once again rise to prominence.
Those whispers gained traction earlier this year when the band began teasing about something new and big from the Breed 77 camp, culminating in a 48-hour countdown which ended on February 10 with the acoustic film clip to their 2004 song “A Matter Of Time” appearing on social media.
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After the recent three day scare in Brisbane, it is a sign that we shouldn’t take anything for granted over Easter. Sure, it’s a time for holidays and especially the kids but don’t forget that there is this thing called COVID that looms large in the lives of everyone around us so for the sake of the music world please do the right thing this Easter.
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