With the recent release of their latest album Baptize, US hard rock outfit Atreyu have also ushered in a new era of music with former drummer and backing singer Brandon Saller promoted to fill vocal duties after the departure of Alex Varkatzas in late 2020.
Saller is no stranger to frontman duties, having first ventured from the sanctity of the drum kit to be lead vocalist for his side project Hell Or Highwater but assuming the duties full time for his original band has seen himself – and the band in general – experience not only a smooth transition between vocalists but also one which has breathed new life into the band after over two decades as a unit.
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Baptize is the newest offering from Atreyu.
Being the first album with Brandon Saller up front and away from the drums, I was curious to see what direction the band would go in.
Offering up 15 songs, Baptize is a bit of a ride. Starting off with “Strange Powers of Prophecy”, a short and sweet introduction at 1:03, this gives you a small glimpse into what this album could potentially hold.
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Greetings from sunny Australia!
This week has seen a fair bit happen in the metal world, starting with the release of the new album Baptize from Atreyu. Frontman Brandon Saller stopped in for a chat about the new release this week and how he is handling his new role as lead vocalist.
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“For him to say it’s fake heavy,” Saller says, “then he wrote a fake heavy song.”
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