If modern metal was a theme park, Sweden’s Reaper would be a breakneck roller coaster known for lopping off careless riders’ hands. The duo make harsh, charging thrash that feels duly reverent to old gods […]
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It’s still a little early in 2021 to be putting together best-of lists, but if we had to make one tomorrow, Demiser‘s  Through the Gate Eternal would undoubtedly be on there. Fast, lean, and fun […]
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In a world choked with so many cumbersome, self-important subgenres of heavy music, it’s comforting to know that Demiser are out there ripping shit up for the Devil. The South Carolina-based quintet’s blackened thrash stampede […]
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Thirty-five or so years ago, a little band from Montréal spoke from their high horse on the topic of killing technology. Granted, the artistic and conceptual driving force behind this sentiment was more about growing dependence on technology as opposed to literally killing technology because, as Voivod’s drummer Away so eloquently…Continue Reading