Following the fervour that was seen on the release of Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags, the album that has been the talk of the town, at last Hellripper will be bringing their own blend of furious Blackened Thrash Metal to the masses live and celebrate by releasing a new video. Presented in a vintage style […] …Continue Reading

Greyscale Records & Nuclear Blast Records April 21 Words by Jimmy Glinster What better way to celebrate Easter than to listen to some blackened deathcore based on a torturous tale of the birth, life and death of a fallen deity, cast down from a godly realm and met with the punishment of reincarnating as a […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne metal outfit Munt could easily lay claim to being one of the most brutal acts this country has produced. Their music is frenetic, dangerous, aggressive and strangely beautiful – to the point that despite the visceral carnage going on around you, you can’t help but be swept up in the sonic musical landscape as […] …Continue Reading

For years people thought the most formidable things to come out of Scotland were William Wallace and the Loch Ness Monster, but James McBain and his project Hellripper are quickly changing that perception. Essentially a one-man battering ram, Hellripper started the descent into darkness with 2017’s Coagulating Darkness before solidifying his intentions with The Affair […] …Continue Reading

PSY (Resurrected) The Venus Kuiper Apocalypse (((O))) oooo O O O O o, is a concept piece containing remasters from the original PSY releases from 2021. Harboring the best and most brutal tracks, leaving a lot of the more ambient noise pieces behind and giving the mixes a bit of warmth to the sound, as […] …Continue Reading

Ukrainian WWI experts 1914 continue to reflect the gruesome tales of World War I, its soldiers’ fate, their death, fear and feats to be never forgotten on their sinister new epos, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, out October 22, 2021 via Napalm Records. After revealing their massive first outburst, …And a Cross Now Marks His Place, featuring none other than Paradise […] …Continue Reading