Fall of Stasis hails from Montreal, Canada and they are releasing their first full-length on February 25 entitled The Chronophagist. The ten pounding tracks contained within showcase the wide range of influences behind the six musicians, culminating in brutal symphonic music that coasts between the black metal and prog realms and is as unpredictable as […] …Continue Reading

Nine years after the release of In Darkness, German dark metal frontrunners Agathodaimon set the stage for their long-awaited comeback – the bittersweet seventh studio album, The Seven, out March 18, 2022 via Napalm Records. Agathodaimon’s exceptional new strike maintains the old-school spirit of its predecessor, but can’t be pigeonholed due to its dynamic and […] …Continue Reading

Australian slamming deathcore duo Maracurse have released the official single stream video for Doomed. The beast of a debut is available to stream/purchase at the following link, https://maracurse.bandcamp.com/releases Maracurse comprises Andrew McCarthy (vocals) and Heath Kongas (guitars, drums), both of whom have a taste for the heavier side of metal. Blending slamming deathcore elements with […] …Continue Reading

2022 – the year of Mystic Circle‘s return – is finally here. Set to release their self-titled comeback album on February 4, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records, the German black/death metal outfit today unleash another unholy hymn off the record. Check out Belial Is My Name below. …Continue Reading

Get your deluxe Decibel subscription by Monday, January 10 to obtain this HIGHLY LIMITED flexi disc single from avant garde black/death kings Imperial Triumphant.
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In which Sculptured, ex-Agalloch guitarist Don Anderson and Decibel’s Forrest Pitts discuss the tonal impact of Anton Webern’s Opus 21 symphony.
The post Fallow Heart: Truth in Dissonance: Don Anderson (Sculptured, ex-Agalloch) On the Objectives of Art appeared first on Decibel Magazine. …Continue Reading

Enslaved’s The Otherworldly Big Band Experience delivered an epic live stream this week. If you missed it, check out their performance of “Bounded By Allegiance.” You can also watch the full livestream through December 24.
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Death/black metal veterans Thulcandra have frozen this autumn with the release of their bone-chilling full-length, A Dying Wish. After smashing the staggering opener, Funeral Pyre, ruthless Nocturnal Heresy and relentless Scarred Grandeur the black/death metal four-piece clashes in with another cold as ice music video for the title track, A Dying Wish. Steffen Kummerer on A Dying Wish: “The title track of our brand […] …Continue Reading

Decibel celebrates the 40th anniversary of Venom’s extreme metal ground zero, Welcome To Hell, with former guitarist/songwriter Jeff “Mantas” Dunn.
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Houston promoter and musician Christian Larson discusses new records from Necrofier and Night Cobra, plus the fourth edition of his Hell’s Heroes festival.
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