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It’s no secret that Iron Maiden are not the biggest […]
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"He was the band, really. We were all a part of the band, but he was the most irreplaceable one out of all of us."  —Ozzy Osbourne laying well-deserved praise on guitar god/God, Tony Iommi during episode #33 of Rick Rubin's Broken Record podcast (2020). There is perhaps no other lineup in heavy metal history […]
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Guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward first appeared at Ozzy Osbourne’s doorstep in 1968. The pair arrived in response to an old “Ozzy Zig Needs a Gig” advertisement that had lingered even after Ozzy had given up on becoming a singer. Ozzy’s mother, Lillian, answered the door as Tony recalls. Ozzy remembers that Tony initially tried to storm off as he vented to Bill: “… his name ain’t Ozzy Zig. And he ain’t […]
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In 2011, Black Sabbath announced they would be reuniting for a new album and tour. Not too long after, Bill Ward bowed out of the reunion citing financial reasons. Shortly after, Ozzy would go on to say that Ward showed up in no shape to play Sabbath gigs. Fans thought Ozzy was beingContinue Reading