With different parts of this country still in enforced lockdown, it seems music is more important now than ever!
This week we feature Sydney hard rock outfit The Last Martyr on the cover, with vocalist Monica Strut talking to us about their new single Afterglow and other happenings with the band.
We also speak with Jimi Hocking from The Screaming Jets about their upcoming re-recording of the band’s classic debut album All For One to celebrate the Jet’s 30 years of growth in that time.
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It’s no secret that the music industry and all of those – from the performers to the venues to the studios to the punters – have all been affected, and in most cases decimated, by the rules and laws governing lockdown and restrictions.
While the argument will continue to rage over the rights and wrongs of the way things are being handled, one fact remains true throughout.
The music industry is suffering.
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As the fallout from COVID continues unabated, the harsh reality is that some businesses in the music industry are hanging on by the barest of threads. These business not only provide live entertainment to the public, they also provide jobs to countless people and a place of comfort to many more.
“The Bendigo Hotel isn’t just a pub, it’s our home for music, and it has provided thousands of bands and punters a place to celebrate the live music that we love, for over a decade.
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Brisbane high octane rock outfit Piston Fist are temporarily shelving work on their debut album and preparing to unleash fury on Melbourne with back to back shows next weekend.
With the album roughly halfway recorded the lure of the road has p[roven too much to resist so the band have decided on a hit and run mission targeting Victoria.
Next Friday, April 30  they play the famous Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood as a late addition to Nemesium’s album launch party alongside In Malices Wake, Remains and Voidfall before moving on to Kilmore on May 1 to take their place alongside heavyweights King Parrot, Desecrator and Frankenbok.
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Tracked live in Melbourne’s iconic music venue The Arthouse and originally mixed by acclaimed thrash producer and engineer Harris Johns, Desecrator‘s 2011 debut release Live Til Death was a statement against the common over-produced sound of recorded heavy metal, favouring instead a return to the raw, loud and honest LIVE roots…Continue Reading

Australia’s death metal newcomers Escarion are releasing their debut full-length album Pillars of the Faith independently worldwide on January 29.
The band has released a guitar playthrough for their single “Greed”. You can watch Guitarist Johnny Arhondis playing the song also live at the Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne at their album launch…Continue Reading