VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #213 HERE The Hu are finally coming to Australia and have pretty much sold out every show already! Despite the language barrier just knew we had to chat with these guys so with an interpreter in hand off we went to find out more about the tour and new album Rumble Of […] …Continue Reading

Hipster poser thrashers BELUSHI SPEED BALL have released a hilarious Spongebob Squarepants themed video for their song Magic Conch. The song features Jamison Land (Ex GWAR). Senor Diablo, Belushi Speed Ball’s manager comments: “Now that we tricked Jamison “Beefcake” Land into the band with promises of eating gravy from Lita Ford’s toe crevices, we knew […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #205 HERE We love it when new groups come across our desks at HEAVY, but when those groups have friends in Bathory and Sabaton then the excitement levels go through the roof! So it is with new outfit DAMPF, the brainchild of Martin “E-Type” Erikson, AKA A-Tron. DAMPF release their debut album […] …Continue Reading

Immerse yourself into the wild, thrash-fuelled antics that is BELUSHI SPEED BALL‘s new album What, Us Worry?.  For those unacquainted with the eccentric sextet, the Louisville, KY, based metallers produce a dynamic take on crossover thrash with an obscure twist. BELUSHI SPEED BALL proudly presents What, Us Worry, the Sistine Chapel of generic cliché crossover thrash. […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #204 HERE Cover photo supplied and taken by Alex Morgan Imaging Music in general is finally starting to spread its wings around the globe once more, with Rock, Punk and Metal all seeing a welcome return to our ears and stages. After three years of silence, Australia’s premiere metal festival Blacken Open […] …Continue Reading

sonaBLAST! Records 27 May 2022 Until recently, I thought a Belushi Speed Ball was just something that killed one of the greatest actors of our generation, but it turns out it is actually something that has the potential to kill many more people before it is brought under control. Sonically that is. Belushi Speed Ball […] …Continue Reading

It’s not often I will publicly come out and endorse a band, but if you have not yet been touched by the charms and ferocity of Louisville metal pioneers Belushi Speed Ball, then I suggest you go out and binge yourself and enter the playfully beautiful and bizarre world of a band who genuinely don’t […] …Continue Reading

 Louisville, KY, based thrash metal outfit, BELUSHI SPEED BALL, have revealed their new single Ripping Off Municipal Waste. Taken from the upcoming album What Us, Worry?, the band’s wild antics are being transported from the theatrics of the stage onto the beloved Nintendo 64. “Remember, We are no talent musical hacks, just a bunch of performers who alienate fans. “Ripping […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #194 HERE Music has always been known as the great healer, and the world is at a stage presently where we need music more than ever. If it’s not COVID it’s floods, or war, or petrol hikes… you name it, we have been through it in the last 2 years, and we […] …Continue Reading