Words by Jimmy Glinster Pix by Helheim Photographic The evening kicks off at 3:30 which is way early for this old bastard and unfortunately, I’ve had to give up my arvo nana-nap. Enough of my sulking though, let’s get to the show. A short video introduces us to We The Hollow who kick off proceedings […] …Continue Reading

Babirusa have been on the announcement and hype train for new single Mandatory Malevolence for the past month, and now it is HERE. They have amassed an army of pig-warriors, steadfastly supporting the band and poised to throw down to the brutality that Babirusa have created. The brand new single can be purchased/streamed/pre-saved now at […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #75 HERE One of the things I love most about Aussie music is the consistency we seem to churn out awesome bands. Take, for example, this week’s cover band IBVS. These Gold Coast masters of metal haven’t even released their first EP yet, but already you can hear that they […] …Continue Reading

The single isn’t even released yet, and the hype is R E A L. Brisbane’s Babirusa, touted as one of the world’s rising stars in Deathcore by Revolver Mag, is today announcing their Mandatory Malevolence Single release tour dates in September 2022. They are bringing along with them Portueguese death metal outfit Analepsy. Babirusa and Analepsy are traversing […] …Continue Reading

CINCINATTI BOWTIE – Sievert (ft Kyle Williams of Babirusa) Album: CINCINATTI BOWTIE – Malichor Location: Bradford, UK ?? Genre: Deathcore For fans of: As Blood Runs Black, Thy Art Is Murder, Babirusa “This track is about a plague that consumes a town and how it can effect your mental state. Cincinatti Bowtie’s fifth full length […] …Continue Reading