Melbourne metalcore rising stars Priorities release their crushing 2-track complialtion Medusa and If I Believed. Driven by harrowing breakdowns and unrelenting grooves, both tracks introduce the groups signature raw intensity in a well produced package. Medusa and If I Believe will treat listeners to a dynamic one-two punch of terse riffs, haunting melodies, a relentless rhythm section and hook laden choruses. Erupting […] …Continue Reading

Based around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Ocean Shores are more than your typical metal band. They combine old-school sensibilities with modern textures to bridge the divide between genres in the most simplest and purest of fashions. By allowing the music to do the talking. Following the release of the band’s debut EP One Foot […] …Continue Reading

Making their mark on the Australian metal scene since 2016, Melbourne act Primitive are set to strengthen their presence and demand the attention of the unsuspecting, with the release of their second single God Is Beneath Us and new EP With The Rats And Snakes. Without limiting themselves to a particular sub-genre, Primitive incorporate their […] …Continue Reading

Following the crushing single Involuntary Lobotomy, South East Queensland metal outfit Slaves Of Dissonance have today released their debut EP Toxoplasmosis. Centering around themes of mental health, government conspiracies, media bias and social media exploitation, Toxoplasmosis is a slab of pure metal intent that showcases the many and varied influences shared by the band members. […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne metal outfit Primitive were riding the crest of a wave before the illness that shall not be named swept the planet. They shared the stage with bands such as Max and Iggor Cavalera, Alien Weaponry, Psycroptic, Fleshgod Apocolypse and more, but found their hard fought momentum ripped from underneath them with the international music […] …Continue Reading

For the first time ever King Parrot will play their debut album Bite Your Head Off in its entirety to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release. A lot has happened since the rabid debut record was unleashed on the unsuspecting public and King Parrot has since forged itself as a household name in […] …Continue Reading

Queensland heavy outfit Deliverance GM are preparing to unveil their new EP on August 12. Originally formed in 1997, Deliverance GM disbanded at the turn of the century without a proper release to their name but have returned two decades later to finish what they started. Check out Evil Eyes off the EP below.  …Continue Reading

Perth genre-bending heavy hitters Liveconformdie (AKA Conform) reach to the furthest corners of their influences on new EP, Vol II: Music For Living Failures, out today and streaming everywhere now.  Described by the band as “a collection of over-the-top theatrics, tongue-in-cheek vocabulation and themes of light-through-despair laced/riddled self-criticisms from the minds of liveconformdie“, the extended play remains in tune with […] …Continue Reading

More than two decades deep into their existence, Psycroptic have released their eighth studio album, Divine Council, alongside the latest single and video for the track, Enslavement. Speaking on the new album, Todd Stern (bass): “Divine Council is an extremely proud moment for Psycroptic. I believe that it accurately represents the intensity and maturation of […] …Continue Reading

Newcastle melodic metal sensations Purenvy just released their crushing new single Sweet Poison. Featuring blasting drums, thrashing riffs & belting vocals, the group delivers a fierce anthem surrounding the hardships of addiction & recovery. Sweet Poison is the culmination of over a year’s worth of creative frustration, resulting in some of the group’s strongest work to date that warrants […] …Continue Reading