Gippsland heavy hitters, Ocean Sleeper are back with new single, Your Love I’ll Never Need, which is out now! Stream it here Vocalist Karl Spiessl says of the song “Lyrically, I wanted to articulate the way that greed is like a disease. That everyone you idolize or look up to isn’t what they portray, everyone you […] …Continue Reading

Silentroom is the last single from alternative metal outfit Ashen Road before they focus on finishing their debut album. The band said: “It was one of the most challenging and fun songs we’ve ever recorded. Cam (Drummer) had to write most of the beat in the studio because of our eagerness to record it before […] …Continue Reading

Words by Jimmy Glinster Pix by Rashid AlKamraikhi Thanks to the impending school holidays and the general cluster fuck of Southeast Queensland traffic, I rocked up fashionably late to Odius riffing the shit out of the place with their fresh twist on old-school thrash metal. Their performance was relentless and threatening, and their windmills of […] …Continue Reading

We promised you something special for the second announcement for HEAVY’s 10th Birthday Bash at the Mansfield Tavern on August 20 and here it is… HEAVY is proud to announce local rock outfit THE POOR, who will be coming at you hard fresh from a European tour with the mighty Rose Tattoo! Joining them will […] …Continue Reading

Beast Machine‘s new single Look What You’ve Done is a song about addiction, specifically the opioid crisis in America and the mind-blowing fact the current abuse of OxyContin still rages today. The sample grab at the start of the song is from one of the ‘experts’ spruiking for the big pharmaceutical companies saying if the […] …Continue Reading

Black Mountain Studios July 1 Words by Greg Walker Having been a Superheist fan since 8 Miles High I found it equally as easy as it was difficult to write an unbiased review for their upcoming album MMXX. Main man dw Norton is acutely aware just how close Superheist is to my heart. Like many […] …Continue Reading

Featuring members of legendary bands such including Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Fuck I’m Dead, King, and The Day Everything Became Nothing, Melbourne maniacs, Remains, burst onto the scene recently with their debut single, Bloodthirst and followed it up with the equally brutal Remains. Are you ready for Round Three? Behold, Lords Of Grind. …Continue Reading

With Death By Carrot’s Riffmageddon II scheduled to hit South East Queensland over four days next weekend, HEAVY felt compelled to reach out to some of the major players in an attempt to shed some light on this massive undertaking that has taken in more than 60 cities over 14 weeks for Australia’s biggest and […] …Continue Reading

Words by Jimmy Glinster Out Now Muzzlemouth came to us as a 3-piece indie rock band from the Northern Rivers NSW. With a total of 79 (and counting) followers on Instagram they are hoping that this review will push them over the illustrious 80 mark. Hell, this might even get ‘em a gig outside of […] …Continue Reading

COLLISION COURSE OUT NOW Words by Jimmy Glinster Perth is a place on the other side of Australia, that no one really gives a rat’s ass about. Why, because it’s a fucking long way away, and to be perfectly honest, there’s fuck all there to care about. For some unknown reason, though, your rat’s ass […] …Continue Reading