Sydney alternative metal outfit Fifth Dawn are taking to the road early next year with a string of three shows along the East Coast of Australia to showcase their new music and prepare fans for an album later in the year. Their music transcends genres, enabling Fifth Dawn to appeal to a large scope of […] …Continue Reading

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-metal band Aurateque have just unveiled their debut EP The Dragonfly Pursuit, produced by Steve Balbi (Little River Band, Noiseworks) and mixed/mastered by Chris Blancato (Northlane, Reliqa). The Dragonfly Pursuit is a six-track explosive amalgamation of alternative-metal and nu-metal, spearheaded by vocalist Lauren Coleman, who exudes a hauntingly melodic, yet vehemently forceful presence throughout […] …Continue Reading

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-metal band Aurateque has unveiled their new single Renegade. Renegade immediately captures listeners with layers of guitar-fuelled chaos and frenetic drums. The biting vocals of frontwoman Lauren Coleman explore her powerhouse range that shifts from soaring screams to growling whispers. The resonant bridge expands into a hefty breakdown dripping with intensity, before delicately folding […] …Continue Reading

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-metal band Aurateque have just revealed their captivating new single Hurricane. Hurricane begins with an inviting mix of sweltering guitars, subtle synthesisers and domineering drums, before the persevering vocals of frontwoman Lauren Coleman sail atop a drum-and-bass verse. A steady build-up paves the way for an imperious chorus, with rapid-fire melodies heightening the track’s […] …Continue Reading

Delivering a captivating crossroads for chaos and composure, Sydney nu-punk outfit Aurateque blend Pop-Punk infused nu-metalcore with tinges of math rock, electronic and grunge for an all encompassing explosive sonic cocktail. Led by Lauren Coleman‘s eclectic and unhinged vocals over instrumentation that is both palatable yet unorthodox, the group offer a fresh spin on the heavy alternative soundscape. Brimming with eccentric energy, Paradigm treats […] …Continue Reading