Sydney intergalactic metal warriors Astrodeath are one of those once in a generation bands that sees things unlike any of their peers and goes about their daily music business with a minimum of fuss but maximum rewards. 
After taking the novel approach of releasing their self titled debut album as a downloadable attachment to a comic book, the two members (yes, I said two) – frontman and axe slayer Tim Lancken and drummer Yoshi Hausler backed up what could have been a marketable flash in the pan with a hectic touring schedule that saw the likeable duo traverse the country and slay all before them. 
Seldom do you come across a band with this few members that has the massive musical output generated by Lancken and Hausler, and, to top it all off, the two are just dead set likeable characters. 
Which may explain their focus on aliens and monsters and things that go bump in the night in their music…

After releasing their latest single Invasion, which makes up exactly one half of a split EP with Mountain Wizard Death Cult called Wretched Invasion, the boys now turn their attention to their second album, the appropriately named Astrodeath 2, with Lancken stopping in for a chat about the new song and all that goes with it. 
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Mountain Wizard Death Cult – as clearly evident by the band name – are an oddity.
Not in the sense that they are strange people, more so the fact that they are a musical enigma, unafraid to swim against the tide and thrust themselves head first into a sea of musical complexity that would threaten to engulf if shown even the slightest contempt.
Their music is both atmospheric and brutal carnage at the same time, a true sum of the parts of each individual member working in unison for a common goal.
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What a shit of a week it’s been.
I have lost count of the amount of shows that have been postponed or cancelled, but what I do know is I should be getting ready to party at Blacken Open Air this time next week, but instead I still don’t know if I will be allowed out my front door… It’s the word we currently live in, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it!
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Not a band to be held back by the scourge and uncertainty of Coronavirus, Sydney heavy duo Astrodeath are powering up and shipping out again this Winter.

The band have released their second single Invasion, from the anticipated follow-up full length Astrodeath Vol.2, also seeing the heavy hitters embark on an East Coast tour with support from some of the best heavy bands Australia has to offer. 

The band will be joining nationally touring minifest Aftermath, hitting every State and territory in Australia, plus have secured a leading slot at the prestigious Blacken Open Air.
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Sydney metal outfit Mountain Wizard Death Cult (MWDC) are much more than an awesome band name. They are one of a number of bands coming out of Australia with legitimate claims to domination on a global stage, with their upcoming release Wretch set to stake those claims even further.
Mixing Doom and Sludge metal to unique and devastating effect, MWDC are a spectacular live outfit, with enough chops and solos to more than compete with the vocal prowess of frontman JJ Brady.
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Words by Jimmy Glinster
Photos by Calumn Hockey Adventure Photography
Coffs Harbour, down by the water in all its glory, is not really the kind of place to expect a full-blown metal festival, but here we are.
Krispy (Heavy) and I arrive at the RED-C Events venue just before 5 pm ready for the bands to kick off a half hour or so later.
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This weekend Coffs Harbour comes alive to the sounds of hard rock to metal with the area hosting Hell On High Water.
Headlined by Byron Bay metal titans From Crisis To CFollapse, Hell On High Water is rounded out by Sydney outfit Astrodeath, Minds End, The Outcome, Bakasura, The Black Tusk and Flying Giant, with limited tickets still available through
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Beats Cartel presents a post-apocalyptic national display of strength and solidarity in Aftermath, a touring heavy event this Winter.
With the shackles of the two years that was slowly being loosened, there has rarely been a more feverous desire to experience live energy and musical unity. A coming together of many of the country’s best up and coming heavy acts with national rollout across all states and territories.
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After the dearth of festivals the last 18 months it’s great to see more and more quality lineups emerge.
One of these is Hell on High Water, a festival created by musicians for music lovers everywhere and featuring an assembled lineup of established and emerging artists.
To be held in Coffs Harbor on June 12, Hell On High Water is providing the old adage of “if you build it they will come”, with well over half of the tickets already snapped up.
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Local businesses Sawtell Concreting, Fluke and Fern Marketing Agency and Big Griff Events have teamed up to bring an epic evening of seaside hard rock and metal sounds to the Coffs Harbour Coast this June Long Weekend.
To be held on Saturday, June 12 the inaugural Hell On High Water event will bring fans of rock through to metal to the sleepy seaside town, with Byron Bay metal legends From Crisis To Collapse headlining the mammoth event.
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