Brixton melodic hardcore outfit Immerse have definitely used their time in isolation to explore varying degrees of their musical psyche with their new album The Weight That Holds Me Here.
It is an ambitious and experimental take on the hardcore genre, combining softer, more precise moments with testosterone-fuelled aggression that surprisingly feeds off each other well.
Vocalist Archie Hatfield handles both clean and harsh vocals and it is a credit to his vocal prowess that both styles blend seamlessly into another throughout, not once feeling contrived or forced to any degree.
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While UK based melodic hardcore outfit Immerse have quickly established themselves as a major player on the international landscape, their star is only just beginning to rise on this side of the world.
This is understandable given the wealth of talent that makes up just the local market, especially in the current times where the focus is on supporting your backyard in an effort to capitalise on the myriad of possibilities that are opening up due to the lack of international bands able to make the trek Down Under.
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