As Victoria continues to be in forced isolation the best thing we can do is keep the music flag flying, which we have done this week in a massive Australian Artists DigiMag that is dedicated to everyone doing it tough down South.
New Zealand rock outfit Electric Wizard grace this weeks cover, plus we chat with legendary touring artist Nick Barker about the upcoming Reptiles live shows in October.
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Brisbane metalcore crew Apate have delivered their new single “Dancing On The Razor’s Edge”, the final piece of new music before their EP Rage drops on June 25 via Human Warfare.
Much like its predecessors “Gasoline Anthem” and “Under My Skin”, Apate’s latest single continues to smash through the boundaries of metalcore, delivering another cut that embraces both the genre innovation the band are building their name on while retaining the nostalgia of early 2000s nu-metal.
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