Until 2001, God Forbid were a bit of a myth in East Coast metal and hardcore circles. The band’s 1999 debut LP Reject the Sickness had become a staple for local fans, who loved its […]
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In the early ‘90s, death metal was an arms race. The battle of faster-louder-grosser was being fought along America’s East Coast and on the streets of Gothenburg and Stockholm. But just as important as the […]
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By 1991, it was obvious that metal needed something new. Decades usually blur at the overlap — the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s had a lot of stylistic similarities — but in the evolving […]
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35 years ago today, Metallica left a crater in the metal world that no other band has ever been able to replicate or fill. Coming off of the mounting success of 1984’s monumental Ride the Lightning, […]
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There are cool metal albums, and then there are awesome metal albums, and then there is At The Gates‘ Slaughter of the Soul. As infectious as it is demonic, the record set the standard for every […]
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This weekend saw Linkin Park‘s debut album Hybrid Theory turn twenty years old. Besides acting as a firm reminder that many of us are now older than God, the anniversary acts as a powerful milestone for […]
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One can never determine exactly when a genre of music started. For ever obvious benchmark, there’s an obscure, influential one that entrenched hipsters are waiting to draw like a pistol. Kill ‘Em All? Try Overkill […]

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