Beam me up, AMARANTHE! Today, the Swedish modern metal virtuosos reach for the stars and launch their art even higher – into space, to be precise – with the release of new single Insatiable. Delivering an extraterrestrial late summer banger, AMARANTHE once again demonstrate their versatility, and the six-piece succeeds in keeping the world on […] …Continue Reading

A few weeks ago, Swedish modern metal sensation AMARANTHE began to release a series of very special interpretations of songs from their 2020 hit album, Manifest. Today, the band are proud to present the latest and final entry in this sequence of unique singles: a new version of the song Make It Better which now features BEYOND THE BLACK‘s Jennifer Haben on […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #178 HERE We all know Ross Jennings, vocalist from Haken, but do we know that the man has a softer side that yearns to create solo music? If not, you will after listening to his cover interview this week, where Ross talks about his debut solo album A Shadow Of My Future […] …Continue Reading

Level up with Amaranthe. Today, the highly lauded Swedish metal heroes have delivered their anthem PvP – gamer speech for ‘Player versus Player’. Being enthusiastic gamers themselves, the band is proud to announce that this uplifting and vivid new track is not only THE dancefloor breaker for the next club season to come but also the official […] …Continue Reading