Melbourne chaotic alt metal outfit The Last Martyr share angry new single Burn It Down. Targeting the tyrannical systems that control our society, Burn It Down is an aggressive outpour of emotional catharsis. “Burn It Down is about wishing we could press reset on the world and start again,” explains vocalist Monica Strut. “It touches upon the control of women’s bodies and the governing of other marginalised […] …Continue Reading

Australia, prepare to enter the new era of alternative rock and punk with NEW BLOOM FEST, a brand-new touring festival set to launch in 2024. Turning the spotlight firmly on the freshest up-and-coming artists in the scene, NEW BLOOM FEST’s inaugural events next March will kick off with an unforgettable bang, with American rockers CITIZEN, […] …Continue Reading

Alt artist LITTLE HURT (the solo project of Colin Dieden, former lead singer of The Mowglis) has just released his new album ’Lovely Hours’.  The 10 track album has been 2 years in the making and includes the singles “Buttercup”(Featuring The Ready Set), “Cooler If U Did”, “Get Out Of My Life”, “Pineapple Pizza”  and “See You Again”.  The […] …Continue Reading

“I’m not sure if you can still call us one of the most hard-working bands in the world,” says Rob from Don Broco with a laugh. “I’ve had the last few weeks off and I have been watching a lot of TV.” The label is still warranted though because prior to that break the band […] …Continue Reading

Hegemonikon is ROME’s 17th album and holds a few daring surprises: On this new album, the influences of electronica and new wave have shaped ROME’s trademark guitar-based dark folk into a new beast by adding a subtle touch of post-punk synth-rock to the mix. This week he sat down for a chat with Dave Griffiths […] …Continue Reading

The album “poise” is the result of three days of recording in a full band setting without prior arrangements or later overdubs at huji maja Studios. Even as an experimental album, “poise” still succeeds atsurprising listeners with the combination of stoner doom, jazz, and ambient elements.Stretching its canvas across a multitude of musical leanings rarely united and painting a labyrinthine […] …Continue Reading

 In 2015 Liquid Earth was born in a shipping-container on the outskirts of Vienna. The instrumental trio takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes, face-melting doom parts, and heavy riffs, merging into a unique synergy guaranteeing a hypnotic experience for the listener. So grab a beer and prepare for takeoff! This week we caught […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne based singer/songwriter Mike Talisman has just released his debut singled called ‘Due Time’.  Talisman teamed up with ARIA award winning producer Troy Brady (Amity Affliction) to record his heartbreaking debut single, which tells the story of the day he lost his father.  Mike Talisman forges together elements of Country, Pop and Alternative to create his earnest brand of […] …Continue Reading

“Evil World Machine”, the first single from the exciting new multi-dimensional Crossbone Skully project dropped today. Next Saturday, November 26, the video which was directed and animated by Riley Donahue (Saturday Night Live) will premiere live at the San Diego Fan Expo. Fans will get their first look at Tommy Henriksen’s carefully crafted character: Crossbone Skully, and the character’s world, […] …Continue Reading

Disrupted by the pertinent intrusions of microbial inflections we were forced to abandon the secretive altercation with This Is Serious Money in Melbourne last weekend. What a bunch of pricks those guys turned out to be? No flowers. No get well card. No sympathy. Just on with the masks and be damned.  Said and done […] …Continue Reading