If modern metal was a theme park, Sweden’s Reaper would be a breakneck roller coaster known for lopping off careless riders’ hands. The duo make harsh, charging thrash that feels duly reverent to old gods […]
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To hear that Perdition Sect‘s line-up includes Kyle Severn of Incantation, Matt Sorg and Mike Lare of Ringworm, and Aaron Dallison of Keelhaul and Brain Tentacles, one might assume their music to be some of […]
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If you’re a fan of  VHS, you know that horror movies and death metal are about the only things they take seriously. The Thunder Bay, Ontario crew have their tongues planted firmly in their collective […]
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For Without Mercy, genre appears to be less important than sheer heaviness. To try to cram this Canadian quartet’s sound into one niche like ‘death metal’ or ‘shred’ would simply leave too many blastbeats, face-peeling […]
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