Written by Mitch Poland
The latest album from California’s punk rock wonderkids The Offspring gives you a nice big kick in the face.
A decent hard kick that this boring world so desperately needed.
I don’t know what these boys are putting in the water before they enter the studio but it should be shared with the rest of the world.
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Written by Luke Scott
If opening track “Lightning Strike” is anything to go by, one would think that Escape The Fate are still relevant, full of angst, energy and killer hooks.
You can picture the band smashing this song out live, as it feels like the sweat is dripping from the speakers.
“Oh yay, classic Escape The Fate”, you will exclaim, as you recall those teenage Myspace days when they were amongst the leaders of the Post Hardcore Scene movement.
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It took the MIGHTY Cannibal Corpse a mere two and a bit years to construct their latest murderous rampage disguised as pure death metal magnificence. Album number fifteen for these metal icons is as Corpse as Corpse get: Of course it’s called Violence Unimagined!
In over thirty years they have never strayed from their path of annihilation and devotion to audio sensory armageddon.
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Brisbane progressive metal outfit The Stranger are definitely a band with a big future.
Their live performances are intense and riveting, with their songs and music improving rapidly with each release.
That’s not to say their songs have ever not been good – quite the contrary – but the songs collectively over their upcoming album Kaleidoscope show a range and maturity of a band far beyond their sophomore offering.
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Brixton melodic hardcore outfit Immerse have definitely used their time in isolation to explore varying degrees of their musical psyche with their new album The Weight That Holds Me Here.
It is an ambitious and experimental take on the hardcore genre, combining softer, more precise moments with testosterone-fuelled aggression that surprisingly feeds off each other well.
Vocalist Archie Hatfield handles both clean and harsh vocals and it is a credit to his vocal prowess that both styles blend seamlessly into another throughout, not once feeling contrived or forced to any degree.
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With their recent offering Resident Human, progressive rock outfit Wheel feel as though they have reached a critical, yet successful, juncture in their career.
This album is everything prog is meant to be and more.
Much more.
It is the type of album that commands repeat listens and one which threatens to envelop more of your subconsciousness with each passing moment.
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Hidden Intent’s latest album Dead End Destiny is a return to the thrash roots that so many bands try to emulate but few manage to pull off effectively.
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Remember the days when a rock album was dirty and even a little dangerous?
Too often these days over-production or the tendency to play things safe with a straight bat actually pull the rock out of rock and roll but not so with UK outfit The Dust Coda.
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After a seven-year hiatus that had many questioning whether or not The Amenta would indeed commit music to disk again, the band is back with a vengeance with their fourth – and arguably best offering Revelator.
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Rob Zombie is anything but safe with his career.
He has always felt compelled – or rather drawn – towards music and settings that would quite frankly terrify most artists.
His use of horror and the macabre is a theme that permeates through every release but try as he may throughout the years…Continue Reading