February 4 Pile Of San Records Bodyjar are an iconic Australian punk outfit, having inspired thousands of pogos and flailing of limbs across dance floors since 1990. Over the course of eight albums they have maintained their youthful angst and humour, following a tried and true formula that has never grown stale. While never gaining […] …Continue Reading

Out now Words by Jimmy Glinster DisKust, a name you would have heard over the last few years in the Australian heavy music scene. A name that’s had a fair share of haters due to social media comparisons to Slipknot, which were equally defended by their dedicated fanbase of Maniacs as they call them. Let’s […] …Continue Reading

Napalm Records 21 January 2022 Words by Jimmy Glinster Young, enraged and wielding steadfast statements against racism, sexism and homophobia. Fuck me, doesn’t this just sound like one hell of a good time. Let me not dismiss this band instantly though because I’m sick of hearing everyone’s socio-political opinions and wish that you’d all just […] …Continue Reading

Resist Records January 14 Words by Matt Gabites 2021 wasn’t the worst year for heavy music, but nor was it an ‘86. So will 2022 just hold the line or break the mould? Let’s see. The first band with a chance to answer this is Melbourne based five-piece metal outfit Pridelands with their new album […] …Continue Reading

Fearless Records January 14, 2022 Words by Jimmy Glinster Underoath, a band that seems to have been around forever and one that I’m sure I’ve seen live several times over the years. With eight releases in tow, including six full lengths, I’m wondering why I’m not too familiar with them and why I can’t even […] …Continue Reading

MNRK 14 January 2022 Words by Jimmy Glinster Now that I’ve found a new love for the Death Metal genre after reviewing the upcoming Corpsegrinder album a couple of weeks ago, what better time than to review a band claimed to be among the most celebrated death metal bands of the modern era? That band […] …Continue Reading

Battlegod Productions 14 January 2022 Words by Jimmy Glinster Tony Martin, apparently this bloke once fronted Black Sabbath. In fact, initially from 1987 to 1991 and again from 1993 to 1996, Martin was the band’s second-longest-serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne. I had no idea, but luckily his PR team were nice enough to include that […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Every once in a while a band comes across my earholes that I’ve heard of before but know fuck all about. Regular Gonzales is just that. I’ve seen this band name on show posters many times, and I’m sure I’ve even attended a couple of festivals that they’ve played […] …Continue Reading

BluRay Out Now Karnivool’s second album Sound Awake revolutionized the Australian music scene when it came out in 2009. Following the breakout success of their debut album Themata some four years earlier, Karnivool had been identified as a band to watch out for, their blending of progressive and alternative rock with harder edges a breath […] …Continue Reading