Better Noise Music Released October 1 Opening with lead single Alone Again, Asking Alexandria kick things off in a somewhat safe manner by offering up an accessible, radio friendly tune that gives little clues to how the rest of their latest album See What’s On The Inside will transpire. The band have openly endorsed the […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Here we have a three-piece metal band from Tampa consisting of a bloke in a creepy monkey mask named King Bong on guitar and vocals, a werewolf looking mofo named Frank Wolfman on drums, and some lizard people looking chap named Malcolm Sects on bass. I’m not sure what […] …Continue Reading

Fearless Records Release: 1 October 2021 Opening with the industrial tinged Relapse, Wage War thrust you into the heart of Manic from the outset, Cody Quistad‘s calming vocals soon giving way to controlled chaos of Briton Bond before reverting to the easier listening style which is a feature of the band’s music. The two contrasting vocal […] …Continue Reading

September 24 Melbourne five piece hard rock outfit Wicked Smile may not be a familiar band yet, but if the metal Gods are taking notice their debut album Wait For The Night will change that. And quickly. Album opener Date With The Devil starts with a cool bass line intro that soon gives way to […] …Continue Reading

Spinefarm Records 24 September 2021 Words by Jimmy Glinster This Place Will Become Your Tomb. Well, probably not, but let’s see what the UK’s Sleep Token will be sending me to my death with. A piano ballad titled Atlantic set’s a haunting tone at the start of the album, and I’m really not sure what […] …Continue Reading

September 17 Words by Matt Gabites I think it may have been Princess Diana that said, “Debut albums are like a hymen, you only get one go at them”. Ok, so maybe she didn’t say that, but the sentiment still stands. Because for every Appetite For Destruction there a million….um…? And that’s the point, most […] …Continue Reading

Out now Words by Matt Gabites Let’s face it, when we eventually come out the other side of Covid lockdowns most of us will look back at just how much time we wasted. Sure, it was fun to clock GTA V for the fifteenth time and leave behind an internet search history that would make […] …Continue Reading

Fat Wreck Chords September 10 Words by Jimmy Glinster While Fred Durst is running around throwing out the dad vibes, a bunch of 50-year-old West Coast punks by the name of Face To Face have fired up their rusty diesel engines to celebrate their 30-year anniversary with a brand-new album titled No Way Out But […] …Continue Reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock and fucking Roll! How pleasantly surprised I am to be given the opportunity to review a band that isn’t post this or core that, just plain old rock ‘n’ roll. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been around for 20 years and don’t feel the need to slot into the […] …Continue Reading