Words by Lewd Scoff Photos by A.D Photography https://www.facebook.com/AfterDeathPhotography/ The gorgeous Miss Vee’s first attempt at putting on a mini metal festival was a triumphant success in execution, entertainment and value for money, firmly landing her as a promoter firmly on the rise. Be sure to search for Vamped Up on Facebook to keep with […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Well, fuck me, that double kick is like a machine gun blasting straight through me. What an intro to the album and the opening track Rend Asunder. To be honest, this is exactly what I expected from Australia’s premier technical death metal veterans Psycroptic. Shredding guitars and brutal guttural […] …Continue Reading

Century Media Records August 12 Words by Jimmy Glinster My first experience with Arch Enemy was at a drunken afterparty where a very bogan, vey metal elitist friend of mine, was all up in may face saying “Dude, can you believe this is a chick … dude”. My response, “Dude, what the fuck, you serious”? […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Hailing from all the way over the other side of the country, and one of the world’s most remote cities, Perth lads Liveconformdie allegedly like to bring a broad blend of genres to the table. And get this, they draw their roots from 90’s- 00’s Nu-Metal. That might just […] …Continue Reading

Metal Blade Records August 5 While most of the metal loving world would be familiar with Amon Amarth I have yet to be scarred by their visceral tales of Viking folklore and battle. Not because I am not interested, it’s just I have always found the violent way of life depicted from warriors of this […] …Continue Reading

Third Man Records July 22 Words by Coco Le Sex Bomb What’s better than a new release? A double release, of course! A short while back, it was announced that we would not only get one, but two new albums from the infamous Jack White. The first, Fear Of The Dawn, was released early April […] …Continue Reading

Reason And Rage Records Out Now Australian hardcore outfit Outright have never been backwards in coming forward. After starting their own label Reason and Rage Records to release their debut 7” Dedication, Outright quickly marked themselves as serious contenders with an unapologetic and almost ruthless approach that commanded respect. By 2014 they had released their […] …Continue Reading

20 Buck Spin July 29 Words by Erin Eddy The first thing I did before sitting down to ingest Black Magnet’s record Body Prophecy, was jump on YouTube to check out their music video for the single Floating In Nothing. Straight up I was met with strong Tool-meets-Aphex-Twin vibes. “Ok, sick,” I think to myself, […] …Continue Reading