Hear the melodic black/death of Aduanten’s debut four-track EP, Sullen Cadence and read an in-depth interview with the McCloskey brothers at the heart of it.
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US prog death technicians Abiotic return from a five-year hiatus bearing their strongest work yet. Stream their third album Ikigai in its entirety right now.
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Two major pillars of Hellenic black metal majesty have risen once more under the name Yoth Iria, featuring current and former members of Necromantia and Varathron. Hear the resurrection of the mighty ancient ways on their debut album As the Flame Withers.
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Baptism Death, the debut album from Southern California deathmakers Vrenth (featuring members of bands you already love) comes out this Friday on Rotted Life records. Hear the full album in all its ungodly crushing brutality right here.
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Turkish death maelstrom Engulfed return with a mini-album the size of crashing heaven. Hear Vengeance of the Fallen in its entirety before it’s out next week.
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Finnish death metal thugs Cynabare Urne stream new album, Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls at Decibel. Only death is real!
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