Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records 24 June 2022 Music these days is becoming increasingly formulaic and predictable, with many bands making token gestures to “push the boundaries” without ever straying too far from their comfort zone. Much of the danger and mystique has gone out of the industry, but every so often a […] …Continue Reading

Gramophone Records Out Now Featuring members of Sabaton and Bathory, new Swedish metal outfit DAMPF is already somewhat of a musical enigma, despite their debut album The Arrival not being unleashed until June 3. A metal supergroup of sorts (I still cringe when having to mutter those words), DAMPF is lead by A-Tron, who you […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Nuclear Blast Words by Jimmy Glinster Decapitated, is that a threat? Are these guys actually about to rip my head off? I’ve heard rumours, and I’ve definitely heard of, and heard this band before. From what I remember, they are pretty god-damn brutal. Can I say that anymore, god-damn I mean? Spellcheck is […] …Continue Reading

Out Now JPU Records Words by Jimmy Glinster Who the hell are Man On A Mission? I mean, literally, who the bloody hell are these blokes with their fancy wolf masks on? Who knows, and who really cares to be honest, I’m not here for a meet and greet, I’m here to tell you if […] …Continue Reading

Independent Out now While the music loving public constantly craves new music from bands they enjoy, such releases also offer something for the musicians themselves. Albums, EP’s and singles represent a snapshot in the timeline of any artist, offering not only a glimpse into their musical state of being at that moment but also a […] …Continue Reading

June 3 Nuclear Blast Records For more than 17 years Scottish metal outfit Bleed From Within have ruled the European roost when it comes to genre-blending. Drawing from all manners of genres and subgenres to create a sound identifiably their own, Bleed From Within have refined their sound with each album, unafraid to experiment within […] …Continue Reading

sonaBLAST! Records 27 May 2022 Until recently, I thought a Belushi Speed Ball was just something that killed one of the greatest actors of our generation, but it turns out it is actually something that has the potential to kill many more people before it is brought under control. Sonically that is. Belushi Speed Ball […] …Continue Reading

Napalm Records Out Now Words by Michael Naidos The new album from Gothenburg’s EVERGREY, A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), is the thirteenth studio LP in the bands 25 years together and their legacy is as strong as ever. Over the decades they have crafted skilfully executed prog metal powered by founder and frontman TOM […] …Continue Reading

May 27 Atomic Fire Records Words by Reg BM Michael Schenker is back, and he most definitely has not slowed down. The shredder extraordinaire,who began his career in the 1970s with Scorpions, and dominated British 70s rock with his groupUFO, has been able to sustain a solo career for over 30 years, and for someone […] …Continue Reading