Symphony X bassist Mike LePond is not shy about his political beliefs. He also doesn’t care about being a hypocrite in the name of capitalism, and he would like to take advantage of your liberal tears.

In a post to Facebook yesterday, LePond, who is pictured wearing a Trump 2020 hat that reads “Make Liberals Cry Again,” posing maskless in front of an American flag with his hand over his heart, said:

“No more lockdown
Burn your masks

That in and of itself isn’t terribly surprising. I’ve not paid attention to the politics of individual members of Symphony X, but we know well by now that Trumpers are all over the metalsphere, hiding in plain sight.

What is more surprising is this: Symphony X are selling branded masks online. Meaning one of two things is possible: 1) LePond doesn’t give a shit that he’s being a blatant hypocrite, or 2) he actually wants you to buy his band’s mask and then burn it.

It is also possible that LePond’s political beliefs do not align with the rest of the band’s, or at least with those members calling the shots about such things as what merch they sell. But, either way, I find the irony too rich to resist posting about it.

It should be noted that LePond has Chron’s disease, placing him in a category of people who should most certainly be wearing masks.

Screen shots of the Facebook post and mask merch item below.

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