Submit Your Electronic Press Kit

Submit your band’s electronic press Kit (aka EPK) and audio samples to The Metal Rock Music Podcast Team. What we would like included in your EPK can be found below. We’ll be happy to share what information that you provide about the band, to our visitors on all of our promotional public accounts on a variety of social outlets. Your details will be shared with fans, record labels, radio stations, talent scouts, and other promoters. In addition, we will add your band’s details to MRM’s Wiki, write a review on this platform, including an audio review during an upcoming podcast episode, and add your Youtube video (if available) to our MRM playlist. We may ask you for an interview with the band or a member, which you will never be obligated to. But, it would be interesting for our listeners to get to know you better, and you may even gain some more new fans.

Include as much of the following as you would like to share: Please note that any personal information (your name and email address) will NOT be visible to visitors.  Other band-related details provided by you,  will be added to MRM’s Wiki guide so that visitors are able to follow your brand and their updates.

Band’s or Artist’s Name – Your band’s name as it appears on the band’s website and social platforms.

Band’s or Artist’s Genres – Please include your genre and as many subgenres that are applicable.

Band’s or Artist’s Website – Your own personal websites which could include tour dates, new videos, booking information, and more.

Biography- So that readers can get acquainted with the band’s members, their music style, where they originated, their accomplishments, and more.

Youtube Channel – So that we can subscribe to your YT Channel and never miss new release notifications.

Social Sites – Follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Reviews – Share links to your band’s reviews.

Booking and Contact Info – Supplied for those interested in booking the band for an event.

HD Quality Image and Audio  – Provide at least one photo of the band, or one of yourself if you are a solo artist. If you wish to provide a full audio file or an audio sample, please add by using the drop and drag option below. (Maximum upload for each file size: 512 MB)

Your Name and Contact Email  – This is kept private and confidential.  MRM will never share this information with anyone.

Once you have submitted your details, a member of MRM will directly contact you to confirm that we have received your EPK. Lilith will followup with you if you permit us to contact you for an upcoming interview.


Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Or your stage name if you are an independent artist
What is your band's genre - please list all genres applicable.
MRM would prefer your band's website. However, if your band does not have a website, a Facebook or Bandcamp page will be accepted.
Tell us about the band’s members, music style, origins, accomplishments, and anything else that you would like to share with MRM's visitors.
Do you have a YT Channel? Share the link for more Subscribers
What is the link to the band's Facebook page?
What is the link to the band's Instagram account?
What is the link to the band's Bandcamp profile?
Additional social site
Additional social site.
Additional social site
Links to online band reviews. List up yo five (5).
Please drag and drop or click to select images and audio files that you would like to submit to Metal Rock Music, so that we may add them to our source site. (Each file max size:512MB)
Please type "yes" or "no" in the space above, to signify whether or not that you are granting MRM permission to contact you privately to request an interview.
Please type "yes" or "no" in the space above, to signify whether or not that you are granting MRM permission to post the above information that you have provided about the band, into our MRM Wiki Guide.