Stick To Your Guns just released their new EP The Meaning Remains, which features three acoustic reimaginings of the band’s older material alongside a cover of A-Ha‘s 1984 track “Take On Me”. You can hear the cover below, which is bound to get that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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“This is an EP of some of our most popular STYG songs translated in a new light,” said vocalist Jesse Barnett. “Although the setting of these songs may seem slow and somber, the meaning of these songs remains with the same furious passion for which they were intended.

“They are sung quietly and gently from the same place that they are screamed. For us, fury and peace go hand and hand. They are both tools that we believe are necessary. We hope you enjoy these songs you’ve heard a thousand times — but now in a new way.”

The EP is available here.

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