Death metallers Reign of Vengeance, a recent favorite of the MetalSucks staff, have returned with a brand new song, “American Family Court: Thy Seeds to Belial,” and an accompanying lyric video. And it’s a hell of a ripper, both musically and lyrically.

This song, as you may have guessed from its not-at-all-subtle title, is inspired by singer Marshall Beck’s “own horrible experiences as a father fighting within the American family court system.” On that topic, Marshall explains:

“We live in a time where misandry runs wild within the establishment media and legal/family court system. This in turn directly and indirectly affects children, fathers, and the cohesive family unit…After personally fighting through the most litigated family court case in the history of Arizona for 7 years and winning, having my rights continually trampled on, weathering through an endless sea of false allegations, having my social media accounts forcefully removed by court orders for criticizing their employees/institution, all of my money and resources drained and/or destroyed by attorneys and court appointees, as well as having my parental abilities continually questioned because of my ‘death metal lifestyle’ being perceived as ‘a call to violence,’ it seems absolutely necessary that Reign Of Vengeance release this song. 

“Not only does this song reveal what is currently taking place in the American family court system to 84% of children and fathers who end up within the chains of this system, but it does so in what I consider to be one of the best songs ‘Reign Of Vengeance’ has released to date. Enjoy!”

The band this time around features Beck surrounded by guitarist Sean Maier (aka “Shred Sean,” ex-Blessed By a Broken Heart), drummer Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, 66Samus), bassist Stefano Franceschini (Aborted), guitarist Tyler Hacker and keyboard player Veli Matti Kananen (Kalmah). Darrin Ramage of Brain Damage Films directed the clip.

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