After the success of their single “What Went Wrong” earlier this year, Sydney punk outfit Molly & The Krells have decided to release an accompanying video clip to the song which further explores the themes laid bare in the vocal rendition, particularly focusing on friends that we keep that refuse any help they are offered.

Molly & The Krells bring an intensity to their music that is made possible by the personal nature of frontman Blake Cateris’ lyrics, with the band earning a strong reputation for their honest, angst-ridden lyrics that are giving greater meaning through the punk ethos employed in their music.

“I had a friend who couldn’t seem to catch a break in life,” Cateris explains. “She resented the help that was offered to her from her friends and seemed to keep making the wrong decisions. Life went on and we drifted further and further apart to the point where the only connection we have with each other is watching each other’s Instagram stories. Some people just don’t want to be helped.”

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