Words by Andy Parkinson

Opal Ocean is made up by Alex Champ and Nadav Tabak, both incredibly gifted guitarists who have been honing their craft since a young age.

Growing up on a healthy diet of acts such as Metallica, Dream Theatre, Tool and Opeth, both musicians independently found themselves drawn to the acoustic guitar but with a progressive metal edge. Plying their trades in Melbourne at markets, private events and restaurants, they were introduced as two people that had to meet and a formidable duo was formed.

With their debut album Lost Fables receiving resounding acclaim in 2016, the duo continued to build their reputation, touring relentlessly which saw them reach festivals as far wide as Canada and Europe. These tours helped them accumulate such a loyal fan base that they were able to launch a successful Pozible campaign which attracted over $20,000 in pledges to help fund their latest album, The Hadal Zone. Knuckling down for the writing process, the pair wanted to push their limits and expand on the progressive style they had begin to tap into on Lost Fables. The result is a collection of songs so powerful & unique, that Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre himself was happy to lay down his talents, which can be found on the 7+ minute track “Polycephaly”.

The Hadal Zone or the underworld as known in Greek mythology, is the deepest region of the sea. A dark pure black world, filled with alien-like creatures and the great unknown. This is the area the band wish to take you to.

Opal Ocean catch up with HEAVY to talk about the effects of COVID down in Melbourne, Eddie Van Halen, working with Jordan Rudess, the creative ideas and inspirations for The Hadal Zone and more.

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