Background: Of Feather And Bone – a bunch of birds got together and decided to make an extreme metal band about the bird condition… Okay… Surprise twist this is a band of human beings making human being extreme metal music. More specifically, they’re an absolutely bestial band that’s been at it merging Death Metal with their imaginations since 2012. They’ve put out a total of 3 full-length albums in that time and we’re about to take a closer look at their brand-new release “Sulfuric Disintegration”!

This Album Sounds Like: A continuous eruption of blood and ichor… This is extremity and evil incarnate. If you want to face off with an unrelenting torrent of death, press play on this new Of Feather And Bone album then brace yourself!

Some Favorite Tracks: I really enjoyed the whole bunch but numbers like “Regurgitated Communion”, “Noctemnania”, “Consecrated And Consumed” and “Baptized In Boiling Phlegm” stood out to me (not to mention those brutal ass song titles!). If you enjoy extreme metal, just give the whole collection a listen and prepare for some involuntary headbanging.

Positives: I immediately knew I was in for a trip from track one. This album is like directly listening to the very flames of hell. It’s twisted and innovative in its approach and I thoroughly enjoyed the effort put forth from the band. Every member delivers in kind and I wouldn’t hesitate to place these guys on the leading edge of underground extreme metal in 2020. They managed to wrench my senses sideways in a most delightful manner. This is brutal music just waiting to twist faces to scowls of delight.

Negatives: The production is raw but it’s clear they weren’t aiming for polish on this front. This is a bestial effort and it comes across that way in full. Objectively, this may scare the piss out of some people, but I personally enjoyed the repulsive nature of it all. It did have a shorter runtime / track list for a full-length which left me wanting more… so I’ll likely visit the bands other work as a result.

In The End… In the words of the great Eric Andre, “Bird up!” This is a wicked effort from a wicked band. I was in the market for a record along these lines and Of Feather And Bone scratched the itch with a god damn uppercut. As I lick my resulting wounds, I feel a well-deserved 9 out of 10 is in order for this experience. As per usual, you can give a listen across this page and on a number of platforms across the web. Enjoy!

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