Leave it to clever NYC street artists to pay tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen — the actual Greatest of All Time — with the most publicly visible homage yet: his very own subway station!

New York artist Adrian Wilson went viral last month following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, slyly vandalizing a ceramic tile sign at the 50th St. subway station on the C/E line:

Now Wilson has given the same treatment to the Van Siclen Ave station in Brooklyn on the A/C line, expertly pasting over one of the station’s ceramic markers to make it read “Van Halen Ave,” and it looks absolutely fantastic! What’s more, Wilson says no one noticed the rechristening for four days following the “edit” (or at least didn’t care enough to snap a photo and share it to social media), explaining:

“Come on people!

“I even explained on TV how this works and how easy it is.

“A famous person dies, look up the name of a subway stop and put a sticker over it to memorialize the person.

“It’s that easy!

“I left it 4 days for someone else to head to Brooklyn and take the credit but nobody stepped up, so ok, I guess I’ve got to do it myself… you’re welcome.”

Here’s what it looks like:

Very, very well done, Adrian! Thank you for your service. Continue cranking some Halen today, everyone.

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