It’s reaction-inception. Earlier this week, we were mesmerized by a clip of Ozzy Osbourne being shown a remix of “Crazy Train” produced by Lil Jon for the rapper Trick Daddy.

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At the time, producer Andrew Watt, who is working with Ozzy on a new album, thought it would be fun to play “Let’s Go” by Trick Daddy, Lil’ Jon and Twista. The song famously samples the Ozzy classic “Crazy Train.”

Ozzy is shown in the video sitting on a couch, completely dumbfounded by what he’s hearing. He indicates this is the first time he’s even heard this remix. He is seen scratching his head and mouthing “what the fuck?” We’re pretty sure that’s how a few metalheads reacting to first hearing the song.

Now Lil’ Jon has seen the reaction and reacted to Ozzy’s reaction, because the internet rules.

“I THINK OZZY IS PLEASE” Lil Jon wrote in all caps, “ME, TRICK DADDY & TWISTA DID HIS CLASSIC JUSTICE.” Jon added a smiley and a thumbs up.

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We greatly look forward to Ozzy reacting to Lil Jon’s reaction to Ozzy’s reaction to hearing the “Crazy Train” sample.

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