Lilith Czar may not be a new artist on the scene, but this chapter of her journey is only just beginning. Formerly known as Juliet Simms, Lilth Czar has re-emerged with a mission to dominate, and has thus released her first single “King” with an accompanying trippy video, and announced her debut album Created From Filth and Dust.

The transformation is a result of Czar’s former persona being controlled and manipulated, as well as other personal battles such as addiction. As a result, she’s resurrected herself as a newer and bolder force, with a name inspired by Lilith — the female equal to Adam — and a czar, which is a ruler.

“I spent so much time not knowing who that was and it coincided with living in my own hell,” Czar explained to Paper Magazine. “I had a lot of demons to face, things to overcome and personal issues that I eradicated, thankfully, but it took years and it was definitely something that was brought about from being in this male-dominated, hard fucking industry.”

“I wanted to create a story. I wanted to create something that would inspire them, that can help make them feel like they were also transforming, not just me. It’s not just a selfish thing, I want you to find your Lilith Czar, as well.”

Czar describes the sound of her upcoming album as being a blend of pop and rock, with influences such as Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac intertwined.

“If you look up pop music from the late ’50s to mid ’70s, it’s the Beatles, the Rolling Stones. Pop used to be rock, it was just not popular,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with blending pop with rock…. It’s this weird battle between the two genres, and I don’t see that needing to be necessary anymore. We live in a world where everything is being blended.”

Her metamorphosis from Simms to Czar commenced late in the fall, as Simms is depicted meeting her fiery demise in a video on Instagram. “The end is the beginning,” the caption reads.

Watch the video for her powerful single “King” below. Created From Filth and Dust will be out April 23 via Sumerian Records. Pre-order it here now.

Lilth Czar – Created From Filth and Dust Album Artwork + Track Listing

Sumerian Records

1. Intro Poem
2. Feed My Chaos
3. King
4. Anarchy
5. 100 Little Deaths
6. Lola
7. Edge of Seventeen
8. Bad Love
9. In My Head
10. Unholy
11. Burn With Me
12. Diamonds to Dust

Lilith Czar – “King”

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