It is with great pride and pleasure that we bring to you the first-ever HEAVY Australian Artists Digi-Mag!

I have a few new ideas to bring to HEAVY but I felt it important to make sure this was the first new major change under my tenure because let’s face it, Aussie music stands equal to, if not better than, that of the rest of world.

We at HEAVY recognise this and have vowed to do whatever we can to help promote and reward our local artists and this is just a small step of many to come in the future.

Our first issue sees Aetherial grace the cover with their sensational new album “Nameless Horrors” out now. We also speak to Brad Bromfield from New Clear Vision about the band breaking up, in an extremely honest and emotional interview that should be read or listened to by everyone. The man has a big engine and even bigger heart and this little chat sums up everything about the man as well as could have been expected.

We also chat with Opal Ocean, Molly & The Krells and Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets, plus there is lots of news and happenings from around the country.

To quote a good friend, “Aussie music, the best in the world!”




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