Despite the best efforts of a certain individual to bring the Australian Music Industry and media to their knees, this weeks Aussie Digi-Mag still has plenty to offer.

I don’t want to vent too much here because we all know how fucked this whole situation is, but one good thing to come out of the whole sorry affair has been the way all music media has banded together in this time of crisis and supported other publications by spreading the love and posting links.

It really does highlight how close-knit the metal community is in this country and I am honoured and humbled by the love shown to HEAVY by other media outlets and the public.

Rest assured I have my thinking cap on in an attempt to not only ensure HEAVY survives this senseless violation of our journalistic rights but also helps to support other outlets that may not be in as fortunate of a position as we are blessed to be.

This week we feature The Amenta on the cover talking about their banger new album Revelator. Dregg stop in for a chat about their new single, Werewolves talk about their latest album, Acolyte discuss their new single plus Eat The Damn Orange and Karly Jewell spread their musical love.

There’s new tracks from Katana Cartel, Laced In Lust, Swimsuit Issue, Karly Jewell, Avalanche, Void of Vision, Dregg, Werewolves, Flynn Effect, Fumarole and Acolyte while we feature all the news from Trip The switch Festival, Boysclub, MMK’s Heavy Metal Sunday Session, Desecrator and The Casanovas.

Tonight (Saturday) sees Si-Fest make its debut at the Mansfield Tavern in support of our dear friend Simon Russell-White so if you are anywhere near Brisbane and want something to do this is gonna be a cracker!

Hopefully, next week brings some sanity to the mess we find ourselves in at the moment but either way HEAVY will be here to continue showcasing the best of metal from Australia and beyond.

Until then, SUPPORT ALL OF YOUR MUSIC MEDIA OUTLETS and let’s show these bastards that we will not go down without a fight.


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