The debut single from the Texan GRIMMREAPER has landed! It comes equipped with the following music video. Enjoy:

Here’s a quote from GRIMMREAPER:

“This was the first song I recorded in my life. It took so long to get right because I was a beginner at recording, singing, playing metal guitar, and drum editing. It took about two years to finish from the demo to the final product of this song and video. Maybe that’s a long time, but that’s ok. I finally got it right.

Resent is a nasty song, going into the resentment that can accrue in yourself from losing in life. Failing, being low on the social hierarchy, not being wanted… these things can easily and quickly bring you to the conclusion that life is not worth pursuing, and more than that, that existence itself is corrupt beyond repair. A losing game. A zero-sum catastrophe. I do not ultimately believe this, but this thought process has occurred in me before, and I thought I better write about it lest it build up inside.”

Alternative Metal
Amarillo, TX

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