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We’ve arrived at mid-October, and a bunch of fresh new releases have arrived from the harvest. Below you’ll see the latest from death metal stalwarts Benediction, the raw black metal swansong of Ritual Suicide, the newest emanation from Decibel favorites Spirit Adrift, and more!


Benediction – Scriptures

From our review of Scriptures:

It’s as simple as it is effective. Ingram towers over songs like “Iterations of I,” “The Crooked Man,” “We Are Legion” and early single “Rabid Carnality.” And Rew and Brookes are riffing (and soloing!) like they’re the British equivalent of heyday Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt. Indeed, there’s a fresh stab of kinetic energy in Benediction’s eighth full-length.

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Cursed Blood – Taker of Life

Dirty, dark death metal from Greece. The band, which includes members of Dead Congregation and Satan’s Wrath, takes a decidedly punky approach, chopping up the brutality into infectious hooks and punches.

False Gods – No Symmetry … Only Dissolution

From our album premiere earlier this week:

“We have poured every emotion we have into making this record,” says Greg March, one of False Gods guitarists. “Every ounce of love, hate, pain, misanthropy, existential dread and self-loathing that we have in our hearts we were able to channel through us  and put it all on wax.

Ritual Suicide – Nocturnal Haematolagnia

From our album premiere earlier this week:

Loud, unbridled, drenched-in-blood raw, yet predatorily methodical with their releases. Even when they ran rampant through the underground, ensanguined and unbound, Ritual Suicide always attacked with intent.

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Spirit Adrift – Enlightened in Eternity

Big fan of Spirit Adrift? Well, hey, their on the cover of Decibel‘s November issue. So make sure you pick that up if you haven’t already. Enlightened in Eternity is another addition to their strong body of doomy heavy metal, a cavalry charge of riffs and glory!

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