Metalcore wrecking crew Boundaries will be releasing their debut full-length album Your Receding Warmth via Unbeaten Records on November 13.

Following on from last years brutal EP My Body In Bloom, Boundaries have intensified everything about their music for their LP, with vocalist Matthew McDougal joining HEAVY this week to discuss the album.

“If you’ve been following the band, or if you’ve listened to any of our previous stuff the full length will feel familiar but not repetitive,” he measured. “It won’t be more of the same but if you like us, then you’ll like the record is the easiest way to sum it up.”

Going into the album McDougal says the band wanted to make sure they had enough variety musically to ensure fans could sit through a full length, with the focus being on a cohesive, yet still eclectic, range of songs.

“We definitely wanted it to not get boring,” he nodded. “I think when you write your first full length you’re talking over the span of ten, eleven, twelve songs things can start to get a little too repetitive or more of the same. We knew that going into it we wanted to write an album that felt like a complete piece of music from track one to track eleven. We didn’t want it to sound like eleven songs smashed next to each other. We wanted it to have an up and down, or a peak and valley, and I think we managed to pull that off.”

In the full interview, Matthew discusses the three singles released and if they can be held as a good example of the album as a whole, the title and its meaning, influences in music and where you draw the line between imitation and inspiration, the reason it took them five years to put out a full-length album, how Boundaries specifically have been impacted by COVID and more.

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