Dunable Guitars, the guitar company founded by Intronaut guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable, has been making some serious waves in the metal scene over the past couple of years, the instruments drawing rave reviews and ending up on stage with dozens of notable players. Now Dunable is chipping in on the charitable side as well, offering a custom-made Yeti model, hand-sprayed in the style of Eddie Van Halen’s trademark “Frankenstrat” paint design, up for raffle to the public. Tickets cost $25, and all the proceeds will go towards Roadie Relief, an ongoing effort that’s been helping touring crew and their families stay afloat while the pandemic keeps them at home.

Here’s the raffle description, which is accompanied by a slider gallery of tantalizing photos and videos showing the process of making the guitar:

“Raffle is live! Link in our bio. $25/ticket, and you can buy as many tickets as you want. 100% of the money goes to @roadie_relief which gives financial aid to touring crew people who have been and will be out of work for who knows how long. Raffle ends November 8 and we’ll announce the winner then.

“I always wanted to try one of these paint jobs, and with EVH’s recent passing, I was inspired to finally give it a shot. The result isn’t perfect (as you can see in the photos), but it’s cool as hell. There are a ton of reasons why it wouldn’t make sense to sell this and keep the money, so we figured why not use this as an opportunity to help out the people in music (without whom our company would certainly not exist) while they are out of work indefinitely.

“The guitar itself is a Yeti from 2016 that we have had around the shop forever as a paint tester. It was one of the first Yetis made, so it was still in prototype phase, and because of that there are some small differences in how they’re made now, mostly in terms of depth in the contour bevels on the body. Still a great guitar in perfect playing condition.”

You can buy a raffle ticket — or two of them, or ten — right here. You’ve got until November 8.

Have a look at some photos and videos of this beauty below.


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