Defiler vocalist Jake Shaw has shared a deeply personal video on the band’s Facebook, detailing his recent health struggles (both physical and mental) as well as the recent death of the band’s drummer, Craig Ledbetter.

In the video, which is nearly eight minutes long, the visibly upset Defiler mainman reveals that he’s lost 40 pounds since being diagnosed in September with pancreatic necrosis, which doctors so far have not been able to treat effectively. As a result of his ill physical health, he reveals that his mental health has also suffered, compounded by the death of Ledbetter, — his best friend and longtime Defiler drummer — who passed away last Tuesday, October 27.

Shaw is asking for donations to help with his medical treatment, living expenses while he is unable to work, and to bring a medical malpractice suit. Those interested in contributing can do so via Venmo (@JakeDefiler) or PayPal (

Defiler were subject to plenty of joshing from MetalSucks early in their career when the band’s first video, “Cryomancer,” came out in 2010, but since then we’ve become friends with Jake, who has revealed himself to be a deeply thoughtful, caring and immensely talented individual.

Watch the video below. We wish Jake all the best in his recovery and in getting through this incredibly difficult time.

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